Saving account and Saving Money

Making Saving Work for You

Savings accounts generally earn a low interest rate. Some bank will require you to maintain a certain balance to avoid fees while others offer totally free accounts as a way to lure in customers to more lucrative services. Perhaps the biggest benefit to putting your money in a savings account is to discourage you from spending it so easily. Savings accounts are also a good way to protect your money against theft. Banking is so convenient these days that having your money in the bank is like having it in your mattress, only more secure. The FDIC will protect your account up to $250,000 against theft and bank failure.

Free Credit Score Check

The need of credit check arises when lenders assess your mortgage application. They use a credit reference agency and credit scoring to help them in making a decision. This credit check process has an impact on the position of borrower. Importantly, each time when a person makes an application for any type of credit, lending companies or institutions check the credit history. This helps them to ensure that they are not at high risk. Well, this is referred to as credit check. The lending company or institution performs check by requesting information on borrower’s credit status from the leading credit reference agencies.

A credit check determines whether a borrower can get credit or not. If a borrower is having a good records then he will not face any problem regarding sanctioning of loan amount. Moreover, he enjoys a comfortable financial future. Lenders feel secured as this result in successful loan deal. On other hand, borrowers with worse credit records mean poor credit and application of borrowers could easily turned down. In this case, any credit offered to the borrower is considered a high risk by your lender. If a lender offers you loan then he charges higher rate of interest. For the repayment of loan amount, credit check formality is carried out. This enables the lender to determine the level of risk before sanctioning of loan amount to the borrowers.

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